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Graffiti My Heart

One of my absolute favorite things about any city, is the graffiti. I especially love the art in San Jose, it is absolutely fantastic. These are some of my favorite graffitis that I have seen, and been able to get a picture of!


This bunny is my favorite in Heredia.

This is a wall in San Pedro de San Jose.


The evolution of the banana, quite clever.

IMG_4057Baby Cheeses.

Some times you find a siblings name!


Punta Leona

Our final orientation for AFS was in Punta Leona! Punta Leona is on the Pacific side and is known for its gorgeous white sand beaches.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is Playa Blanca, and the famous palm tree. Could it be any more beautiful?

Sadly we were only able to stay for one night. Given such little time I spent every minute possible on the beach.


Couldn’t of been any happier! This was by far my favorite beach, along with Manuel Antonio.


Playa Blanca was about a 15 minute walk from our hotel rooms, we found this cute little hut thing on the way.

Tortuguero, Limon

I have been staying in Costa Rica with an exchange program, AFS. They organize trips you can pay to go on. They have trips all over Costa Rica. I recently went to one in Tortuguero, Limon Province. These trips are great to spend time with the other exchange students and see how their experiences are going. I love hearing all of the other students stories, and it’s amazing how different each experience is even though we are all in Costa Rica to learn about the culture and study spanish.

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