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Robert H. Treman State Park

Decided to go on a hike the other day with some friends, so we headed to the Robert H. Treman State Park! We did a great little 4 mile loop and saw some beautiful forests and waterfalls.

IMG_9950IMG_9924The trail is gorgeous it winds through the forrest.

IMG_9927I love all the stonework!

IMG_9939IMG_9934Tiny flowers!

IMG_9945My roommate Nickolette and I!


IMG_9952IMG_9929IMG_9960Really hope its still going for you guys MC+CH

IMG_9947Overall an awesome hike! If you are ever in Ithaca I would highly recommend it! My mother and I did it in flip-flops the first time, during the summers you can swim at the bottom!

I’m a College Student!!

It’s official, I am a college student. Whoa.


My fantastic mother flew out here with me to help me get all moved in, settle in and party for a couple days. We once again used airbnb, my previous airbnb love was booked out so we decided to branch out and try another place. It was almost as amazing! Located above Ithaca surrounded by a beautiful forested yard, it was perfect! Once again proof that airbnb is absolutely amazing. We were far enough away from town but still close enough for it to be convenient.


Tarahumara and Park City Sailing Association

Finally graduated High school! Time to move onto college.


My amazing parents who have supported me through everything, love you guys so much!!


My best friend in the world! Love you Carina

This summer I was a workaholic. I often got the comment, “You work too much.” or “Why do you work so much?” Yes I did work a lot, around 70-75 hours a week. The answer why I work so much, I’m moving to New York!