Burritos, Blue-Bird Days and Family

One of my new years resolutions is to be better about keeping everyone updated on the blog! So here it goes! First post of the new year. Happy 2015 everyone.


I am now into my second semester here at Ithaca College. My first finals week was not actually as bad as I was expecting! After Finals I got to fly home and see the lovely family.

IMG_5050The tiny signs in the airport were a big hit!

IMG_5063 Back together will all my lovelies. (Wait, Fischer was too busy to come..?)

IMG_5062Mama <3

It was a bit of an adjustment being home and having to deal with my dear and lovely siblings again. You forget what its like living with others in that way when you’re at college and not being able to keep anything clean for more than 2 seconds. Tarahumara was good to me and gave me my job for the 4 week break. I ate as much Mexican food as possible, as to enjoy it all before I come back to Ithaca where I crave it constantly. Spent the break skiing as much as possible, eating Mexican food and snuggling pierre of course. It was a good break, although I think it was just a week too long.

IMG_5100This is the typical “Dad dropped us off cause he forgot his boots so he’s going back to get them” scenario. Yeah, it happened more than once with various items. I discovered that family ski trips often caused me more stress than various college assignments.

IMG_5134We had a couple of really good days- It was depressing to come home to the brown ground. We were all incredibly happy when we got the Christmas miracle snow storm. I do love those blue bird Utah ski days.

IMG_5431Discovered my new found love, Canyons. Thank you Epic pass! Turned into a ski bum, living the “No friends on a powder day” style.

IMG_5165Couldn’t get enough of my baby! I am totally going to be a crazy cat lady some day.. (Sorry its in snapchat form)

IMG_5413Made a quick 24 hour trip to Kayenta, St. George to visit my fantastic grandparents with my dad. It was lovely to be able to visit and enjoy playing Make a Million. Enjoyed every second of driving, every where and as much as possible. I miss driving at college. I feel like a 14 year old again having to ask people for rides every where.

IMG_5526Enjoyed an amazing show at Velour with Maia. Had to finish out the vacation on a good note! Also celebrating my amazing mother’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mama, I love you! Velour never disappoints. I miss the Utah music scene like crazy, Ithaca just doesn’t have concerts like Utah.

Overall a fantastic first break from college. Lots of Mexican food, skiing, pierre snuggling and time with my amazing family! IMG_5578Almost missed my flight back- had to run through the airport. Whoops. That my friends, is why you check your flight time instead of assuming. Until May, Ski ya later Utah.

IMG_5610Rocking my lovely Noelle O Designs banner. You too can get one- https://www.etsy.com/shop/noelleodesigns


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