Byron Bay

Everyone we’ve asked for advice has recommended Byron Bay, looking at this picture you can see why. The beaches are beautiful, the town is cute, Steve O calls it “Moab of the Sea” because it’s trendy, hip, lots of funky surf shops and art galleries, dreadlocks and backpacks.

The kids are disturbed that “Australien” is spelled wrong, I keep telling them, I didn’t make it- it’s poached art, I just came across it while walking. I’m not quite sure what language spells it this way…

The water was so clear. Not as warm as Queensland but refreshingly delicious.

Steve O having a special ‘breaking the law’ moment.

The Aussies sure do like to leave their Christmas decor up just as long as possible.
Not nearly as many bikes as you might think in this country. The climate is perfect, so- what’s up with that? There are two possible conclusions we’ve come up with after discussing it with folks.
1. It’s mandatory to wear a helmet. No helmet= big ticket.
2. Motorist don’t give a crap about cyclists, (or pedestrians for that matter) so you are taking your life in your hands riding around town. Some spots are trying to change attitudes and streets for cyclists (Sydney) hopefully this is a countrywide trend- wait, make that worldwide.

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