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Byron Bay

Everyone we’ve asked for advice has recommended Byron Bay, looking at this picture you can see why. The beaches are beautiful, the town is cute, Steve O calls it “Moab of the Sea” because it’s trendy, hip, lots of funky surf shops and art galleries, dreadlocks and backpacks.

The kids are disturbed that “Australien” is spelled wrong, I keep telling them, I didn’t make it- it’s poached art, I just came across it while walking. I’m not quite sure what language spells it this way…

The water was so clear. Not as warm as Queensland but refreshingly delicious.


We are home.
Safe and happy.
It was a wonderful trip.
Lots of smiles, memories and fun with my favorite people in the world:
Noelle, Quinn, Fish, Maia and Crew.
Noelle put the whole trip together.
She is a rock star.
She is an angel.

Noelle I love you.
You are brilliant.
An amazing mother.
Funky groovy wife.
You have a big heart.
Thanks for showing the kids the world.
Let’s do it again.
And when the kids are gone we will do it again then too.
I love you!
Your spouse,
Steve O.