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I saw 3 kangaroos on Christmas Day

The kids and Steve O took about 1000 pictures with the string of christmas lights and flashlights, I love the abstract eye candy aspect of all of them, but for the sake of internet connect time, I’ll just share this festive shot.
Santa found us in a land down under, down a dirt road, in a national park without electricity, surrounded by kangaroos…

The view down the beach on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and don’t forget Boxing Day (Dec. 26) , Split Rock at Diamond Head.

Fingal Bay, Port Stephens, NSW, Australia

Baby Jesus and family, enjoying the view of Fingal Bay

Tim, this beetle photo is for you.

C has become quite a snorkeler since receiving and early Christmas present (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!) Here he is practicing in the pool, just biding his time-ready for the big water.

The sand spit, Fingal Bay

Q, getting ready for bed in the RV- our cozy dwelling place, (depending on how clean it is at any given moment). It can be trashed in 2 minutes flat, it’s that small. But also cleaned up pretty quickly too. Gotta go make some supper for my people…

night lights

All over Sydney for the month before Christmas historical buildings are light up. The lights change on each building, about 4 different patterns per building, that follow the architecture of each facade. We wandered all over the city marveling, snapping photos, eating ice cream family style (this is when you stop into a market as you’re walking around the city and buy a 6 pack of ice cream bars, skipping the fancy ice cream shops and saving yourself a bundle).

we couldn’t take our eyes off St. Marys Cathedral

This building has the 12 days of Christmas projected.