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Tak- Holbaek, Denmark

Jason, Pernille, Carina, Thomas, Hannah, and Marcus.
Ream family, a very big thank you for everything.
We had so much fun in Denmark, you guys rule.
Thanks for the fun, the late night cards, the swimming, the bike rides, the yard party, the Sønderby party, the log jam duels, the Michael Rasmussen translations, the churches, the castles, the place to sleep, the bus rides, the walks, the Danish treats, and the quiet times on the farm. It was brilliant to watch the kids play nonstop for 3 weeks. Skibby is the most amazing place. You are great, you have big hearts, thanks again for sharing.
We love you.
See you in the USA next year.
Steve, Noelle, Quinn, Fischer, Maia, and Crew.

The Goat-Lejre, Denmark

This is the goat moments before he took 2 year old Marcus Ream and sent him flying. We were watching the kids pet the goat then in a quick snap he hooked Marcus by the the seat of his pants and flung him into a perfect back flip landing on his back in the grass. I screamed in fear like a little girl as I saw him twisting in the air above the goats horns. After we found out that Marcus was not dead or had not broken his neck we could not stop laughing. I still have this image in my mind of Marcus 6 feet in the air upside down legs spread flipping and twisting above the horns of this cranky goat.