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Americans in Paris

Sorry about the long silence, it’s amazing how fast a day goes by when you’re trying to fit everything in, the daily chores and seeing ang going everywhere you have planned- especially in a group of 6. Without backtracking, let me give an update of where we are right now, then fill in the blanks with pictures and stories later when we get to the Ream’s house in Denmark and getting online is easier.
We have make it to Paris! The weather is a little chilly and rainy- but that’s because we just came from the Cinque Terre in Northern Italy, hot, sunny and beautiful.
Our first intro to France wasn’t a good one. We parked in a rest stop on the side of the autostrada about 150 km outside of Paris to sleep for awhile. While we were sleeping we were broken into (creepy). Luckily all they got away with was the cell phone, Quinn’s purse and Steve O’s pants (with belt). The robbers grabbed the backpack with the laptop in a sneaky side zip compartment (thanks OGIO! you make great bags), didn’t find the laptop and left it in the woods next to the RV- thank goodness! 1500 photos of our trip so far are in that computer, among many other things. We learned an important lesson there- never pull over to the side of the road to sleep!
So, we got extremely lucky, we won’t do that again. Bottom line- we don’t have a cell phone. Email us if you need to get in touch.
We went to the Eiffel Tower yesterday, wandered around a bit, then went to a free local production of Les Miserables in the Versaille area where we are staying. I think the kids liked it although they don’t speak French or really know the story, I wasn’t very helpful because it’s been so long since I’ve seen it. Steve O and I were loving that the whole thing was lip-synced to the soundtrack. It was good silly fun.