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the RV.

by Maia
We got our rv in Rome. We slept in the parking lot
at the airport in Rome. The next day we went to Italy. We
started at Sorrento for a few days then we went to
Flaminio village we stayed there one day longer then
we were supposed to,  then we are heading to

rome if you want to…

We have been in Rome for 4 days. The campgroung we are staying in is just outside of the city, about 15 minutes by train, in a shady quiet campground. The bathrooms are the kids favorite because there is a special bathroom just for kids. They call it “kiddieland”. The whole place is kid-sized, tiny toilets, sinks, showers and tubs. All super deluxe tile and multiple shower heads. Very cool.
Yesterday we wnt to the Vatican Museum, to see some art and definitely the Chappela Sistina. When we finally made it to the famous chapel we had mazed thru hours of museum and everyone was a little feisty, especially Fischer- not really appreciating the art. The Sistine Chapel was jam packed full of tourists, guards shhing people, and busting folks for taking pictures (supposedly not allowed, but everyone was doing it) Maia and Steve O had made a plan…to pull out her semi-loose tooth while in the Sistine Chapel. They started trying to wiggle it out right away. Crew, just woken up from a fabulous nap in his stroller was looking around, getting mauled by the other other kids as usual. Quinn is craning her neck trying to get a good look at the ceiling. Me- reading the guidebook trying to get my bearings on all of the walls, panels, ceiling. Fischer asking me when we are going to go. Maia now crying because she really wants to loose a tooth in the Sistine Chapel but is scared to let her Daddy yank it out. Quinn is now frustrated because she can’t hold the binoculars still enough to get a good look. Guards shhhing. Me- getting choked up to finally be standing in this place. Maia and Steve O still working the tooth. Fischer- ready to leave 15 minutes ago… Quinn can’t look up for one more second because it hurts her neck. Everyone around us trying to figure out what is happening with the crying little girl and the guy sticking his hand in her mouth. What a circus!
In the end, Maia’s tooth didn’t come out until the next morning at the campground. Fischer recovered from the art overload with some time in the park running around. Quinn’s neck is back to normal. Steve O got a few moments of wonder looking around in the end too.
We are heading north to the Florence area today. The kids are excited because this campground we are going to comes highly recommended from some American students we met in Sorrento, there are like seven swimming pools and a waterslide. Can’t wait to see it.


We spent our first days getting over jet lag in Sorrento, a cute little town on the Amalfi Coast, south of Rome by about 250 km. It was beautiful, good swimming and wandering the streets, acclaimating to Italy. The kids are being great, watching them jet lag was a bit comical. Falling asleep anywhere, at the table, on the bus, or just standing there. We went to Positano for a day and sat on the beach, Capri another day and saw the Blue Grotto, green grotto and lots of amazing cliffs and water.