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Cooberrie Animal Sanctuary

By popular demand, we bring you a day at the Cooberrie Animal Sanctuary. Highly recommended by locals and receiving a brief mention with a “but it’s nothing fancy” attachment by the tourist information people, we knew it was the place for us.
All of the animals here had been rescued, some get rehabilitated and re-released into the wild or if necessary are able to permanently reside in the sanctuary. Each animal had a name and a story posted by their homes making the whole day welcoming and personal. When F called from across the clearing, “It’s hot and fuzzy inside Gloria’s (the kangaroo) pouch!”, we knew just what was going on and with which animal friend.
We must also mention the important (but slightly weird) fact that there was a swimming pool- right smack dab in the middle of kangaroo land. (At this point in the trip we were keenly aware that wet kids are happy kids, making their parents lives much much easier after a daily dip.)

I saw 3 kangaroos on Christmas Day

The kids and Steve O took about 1000 pictures with the string of christmas lights and flashlights, I love the abstract eye candy aspect of all of them, but for the sake of internet connect time, I’ll just share this festive shot.
Santa found us in a land down under, down a dirt road, in a national park without electricity, surrounded by kangaroos…

The view down the beach on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and don’t forget Boxing Day (Dec. 26) , Split Rock at Diamond Head.