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Ithaca and New York City (It’s College Time!)

After coming home from Costa Rica, senior year started up and I had a lot of decisions to make! I decided that I would like to attend college out of the state of Utah, so I set on a mission to find schools out of Utah that would be good for me. A good friend of mine helped me narrow it down. (Thank You Zina!) I ended up applying to 4 colleges (Thank you The Common Application for making my life that much easier). I applied to The University of Utah and Westminster as safety schools close to home, and I also applied to Skidmore college in Saratoga Springs New York and Ithaca College in Ithaca New York. I was accepted to Westminster and The University of Utah quickly and Ithaca and Skidmore made me wait for a couple more month. I anxiously checked the mail every day until I finally received word from Ithaca that I was accepted!! (My 1st choice by far!). Skidmore placed me on the wait list.