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Midway Ice Castles

We finally bundled ourselves up and made our way over to the ice castles last night. Right next to the ice skating rink (unfortunately closed for the season due to broken pipes) in downtown Midway. Pretty darn amazing, and ever evolving.

Made from nothing but frozen water, ice infrastructure too, ice artist Brent Christensen works tirelessly, at all hours of the day, and in all temperatures building these castles. Believe me, I’ve driven carpool, first thing in the morning, and there he is. Returning home late, late at night… still working. Super tiger, I say, dedicated to his work.

night lights

All over Sydney for the month before Christmas historical buildings are light up. The lights change on each building, about 4 different patterns per building, that follow the architecture of each facade. We wandered all over the city marveling, snapping photos, eating ice cream family style (this is when you stop into a market as you’re walking around the city and buy a 6 pack of ice cream bars, skipping the fancy ice cream shops and saving yourself a bundle).

we couldn’t take our eyes off St. Marys Cathedral

This building has the 12 days of Christmas projected.