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One really, really, long day

It was raining when we left Sydney, making it a tiny bit easier (super teeny tiny) to pile into the taxi to the airport.

With a 12 hour flight from Sydney to LA (it was 15 hrs. on the way over) the kids made use of the personal TV and extensive movie menu by each watching about 5 movies. But, every now and again, you just gotta crash- glasses and all…

F anticipating the cold…

in transit

We made it. We are very jet lagged. About 24 hours in airports, planes, waiting for the camper van and getting lost in Sydney. Driving on the left side of the road, in a big van in rush hour traffic had me more stressed than I want to admit. Noelle was a brilliant navigator. We are in a campground in a forest on the outskirts of Sydney. We will leave that camper here for 4 days and take buses into Sydney for a look around. The kids are happy and having fun.
Quinn says, “Jet lag sucks!”
Maia says, “I’m not jet lagged.”
Fischer says, “Party on!”
I say that we are going to sleep great tonight.
Noelle and Crew are in the shower.