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Festival de Mascaras

I’m trying not to do monster blog posts so it makes it quicker to read and I can keep everyone more entertained posting more frequently. So I should be posting more often over the next couple of weeks or so!

I was able to go to the Festival de Mascaras in Barva with my mom and sister. I’m a bit slow, this was back in March. The festival started when the natives tried to scared colonists away with masks. Now its pretty much just a show of a bunch of different masks, little and small. It was cool seeing all the different masks, there were cartoon characters, famous people and monsters. People in masks had dances and played a soccer game. It was really fun and I wanted to stay all night!

Great Salt Lake

It occurred to me the other day that I have lived in Utah for 20 years and I have never been to the Great Salt Lake. Deciding to fix this oversight- we packed for a day trip and headed out. From what I could find out from google searching, Antelope Island is a great place to venture into the water, so we gave it a shot.
I’d heard and read all sorts of nasty reviews of the Great Salt Lake, but, let’s face it folks and recollect what the Great Salt Lake is- the 2nd saltiest lake in the world (only the Dead Sea is saltier). Of course it’s going to be a barren wasteland full of bugs, bad smells, mud and a salty residue on everything…
Being warned (and warned again) of the unpleasantness our adventure would entail- this is what we found as we arrived on Antelope Island. A gorgeous view of expansive water and desert, well-kept covered picnic areas, clean sand, showers and bathrooms. Not too smelly, and a breeze keeping the bugs at bay.

Sydney, we love you…

We spent our last day wandering around Sydney, picking up souvenirs, taking plenty of pictures, people watching. When we came to this monument in Hyde Park we felt moved to take some parting shots.

Everyone held up their treats and smiled…

then made sad faces… when a little note taped to the stone caught our eye.

Ladies, I feel the same way.
When I am here I want to throw my arms out like Mary Tyler Moore and spin around. We’ll miss you Sydney, heck, we’ll miss this whole darn country.

Nambucca Heads Public Art

Driving through the town of Nambucca Heads we were stopped in our tracks by the mosiac street art/ bus stop in the center of this sleepy coastal town. We all piled out of the RV in amazement and started exploring.

The best part was that the mosaic wasn’t haphazardly constructed- it tells a story all the way through. We learned later that the mosaic is called “Fish & Chips” and was constructed by local artist Guy Crosley and a team of volunteers, school children and art students, started in 1996 and completed in 2000.


We are home.
Safe and happy.
It was a wonderful trip.
Lots of smiles, memories and fun with my favorite people in the world:
Noelle, Quinn, Fish, Maia and Crew.
Noelle put the whole trip together.
She is a rock star.
She is an angel.

Noelle I love you.
You are brilliant.
An amazing mother.
Funky groovy wife.
You have a big heart.
Thanks for showing the kids the world.
Let’s do it again.
And when the kids are gone we will do it again then too.
I love you!
Your spouse,
Steve O.