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Spring Break 2015- New York City

This year for Spring Break, the first year on my own, left me with the decision to go practically anywhere I wanted to go. (Within a college students budget of course.) I decided I might as well take advantage of our close proximity to New York City and make a trip down there! My lovely neighbor Georgia and her mom, Sue, were my adventure buddies!


Maryland Adventure

During Thanksgiving break my amazing dorm neighbor Mara (we also did crew together)  invited me to come home with her. Mara lives in Rockville, Maryland. Mara was a fantastic guide, we got to do some awesome on-a-budget-poor-college-student sightseeing! IMG_4783First things first.. Rockville has a CAFE RIO!!! I was soo excited. I miss Mexican food every single day. *They did not have Mexican cokes.

IMG_4791Our homemade “schedule” of adventures! We made it to almost every sight! Every morning we would follow our Crew workout schedule, then make lunches (a fantastic way to eat healthy and save money on food) and drive to the metro stop to get into DC.

Burritos, Blue-Bird Days and Family

One of my new years resolutions is to be better about keeping everyone updated on the blog! So here it goes! First post of the new year. Happy 2015 everyone.


I am now into my second semester here at Ithaca College. My first finals week was not actually as bad as I was expecting! After Finals I got to fly home and see the lovely family.

IMG_5050The tiny signs in the airport were a big hit!

IMG_5063 Back together will all my lovelies. (Wait, Fischer was too busy to come..?)

IMG_5062Mama <3

Robert H. Treman State Park

Decided to go on a hike the other day with some friends, so we headed to the Robert H. Treman State Park! We did a great little 4 mile loop and saw some beautiful forests and waterfalls.

IMG_9950IMG_9924The trail is gorgeous it winds through the forrest.

IMG_9927I love all the stonework!

IMG_9939IMG_9934Tiny flowers!

IMG_9945My roommate Nickolette and I!


IMG_9952IMG_9929IMG_9960Really hope its still going for you guys MC+CH

IMG_9947Overall an awesome hike! If you are ever in Ithaca I would highly recommend it! My mother and I did it in flip-flops the first time, during the summers you can swim at the bottom!

I’m a College Student!!

It’s official, I am a college student. Whoa.


My fantastic mother flew out here with me to help me get all moved in, settle in and party for a couple days. We once again used airbnb, my previous airbnb love was booked out so we decided to branch out and try another place. It was almost as amazing! Located above Ithaca surrounded by a beautiful forested yard, it was perfect! Once again proof that airbnb is absolutely amazing. We were far enough away from town but still close enough for it to be convenient.


Tarahumara and Park City Sailing Association

Finally graduated High school! Time to move onto college.


My amazing parents who have supported me through everything, love you guys so much!!


My best friend in the world! Love you Carina

This summer I was a workaholic. I often got the comment, “You work too much.” or “Why do you work so much?” Yes I did work a lot, around 70-75 hours a week. The answer why I work so much, I’m moving to New York!


Graffiti My Heart

One of my absolute favorite things about any city, is the graffiti. I especially love the art in San Jose, it is absolutely fantastic. These are some of my favorite graffitis that I have seen, and been able to get a picture of!


This bunny is my favorite in Heredia.

This is a wall in San Pedro de San Jose.


The evolution of the banana, quite clever.

IMG_4057Baby Cheeses.

Some times you find a siblings name!


Festival de Mascaras

I’m trying not to do monster blog posts so it makes it quicker to read and I can keep everyone more entertained posting more frequently. So I should be posting more often over the next couple of weeks or so!

I was able to go to the Festival de Mascaras in Barva with my mom and sister. I’m a bit slow, this was back in March. The festival started when the natives tried to scared colonists away with masks. Now its pretty much just a show of a bunch of different masks, little and small. It was cool seeing all the different masks, there were cartoon characters, famous people and monsters. People in masks had dances and played a soccer game. It was really fun and I wanted to stay all night!