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7 days and a skateboard

scenic route fuel tv from oi documentary services on Vimeo.

This is a TV spot directed by Steve Olpin, the talking fly, a fun trip too, without the kids (sorry kids).

We traveled for 7 days going through Capital Reef National Park, Zion National Park, Big Sur and many places in between. It is very nice to get out and look around.

Music by Deer Tick.

Great Salt Lake

It occurred to me the other day that I have lived in Utah for 20 years and I have never been to the Great Salt Lake. Deciding to fix this oversight- we packed for a day trip and headed out. From what I could find out from google searching, Antelope Island is a great place to venture into the water, so we gave it a shot.
I’d heard and read all sorts of nasty reviews of the Great Salt Lake, but, let’s face it folks and recollect what the Great Salt Lake is- the 2nd saltiest lake in the world (only the Dead Sea is saltier). Of course it’s going to be a barren wasteland full of bugs, bad smells, mud and a salty residue on everything…
Being warned (and warned again) of the unpleasantness our adventure would entail- this is what we found as we arrived on Antelope Island. A gorgeous view of expansive water and desert, well-kept covered picnic areas, clean sand, showers and bathrooms. Not too smelly, and a breeze keeping the bugs at bay.

San Pete County

We stopped off at Joe Bennion’s pottery shop, Horseshoe Mountain Pottery in Spring City this week, on our way to pick up our Birch Creek Ranch camper.

Lots of pots to choose from- in the end we picked out a cereal bowl (we tend to be a little hard on those at our house). I wanted a medium-sized mug, for sipping tea, but there were only small and XL ones available (hint there, Country Joe).

I have always been a big fan of this stained glass window in the shop, I don’t know who made it, (friend of the Bennions?) but it intrigues me.

teach your children well

birch creek service ranch (rough cut #1 march 23, 2010) from Solpin Films on Vimeo.

Last summer our 12 year old daughter went to Birch Creek Service Ranch, a camp in San Pete County Utah for making good kids even better. She loved everything about it and heads back this summer, her brother as well (for the boys session). As a parent I cannot say enough about this camp, it is in my experience just as important for kids as traveling the world. For more information about the Birch Creek Service Ranch visit their website here.

One really, really, long day

It was raining when we left Sydney, making it a tiny bit easier (super teeny tiny) to pile into the taxi to the airport.

With a 12 hour flight from Sydney to LA (it was 15 hrs. on the way over) the kids made use of the personal TV and extensive movie menu by each watching about 5 movies. But, every now and again, you just gotta crash- glasses and all…

F anticipating the cold…