Graffiti My Heart

One of my absolute favorite things about any city, is the graffiti. I especially love the art in San Jose, it is absolutely fantastic. These are some of my favorite graffitis that I have seen, and been able to get a picture of!


This bunny is my favorite in Heredia.

This is a wall in San Pedro de San Jose.


The evolution of the banana, quite clever.

IMG_4057Baby Cheeses.

Some times you find a siblings name!


This wall is by far my favorite wall in Costa Rica. I finally stopped by one day to take pictures of each and every single graffiti. (Not all are featured here, there are too many!


I love elephants!


Circus head


Mouse ringing a bell in the cats ear? (Makes me think of my baby waiting at home for me! Pierre, I’ll be home soon!)


Come frutas y verduras


Gorilla in a suit drinking a soda


and, my favorite on this wall! There are a few others around the city by this artist, I love all of them!

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