Great Salt Lake

It occurred to me the other day that I have lived in Utah for 20 years and I have never been to the Great Salt Lake. Deciding to fix this oversight- we packed for a day trip and headed out. From what I could find out from google searching, Antelope Island is a great place to venture into the water, so we gave it a shot.
I’d heard and read all sorts of nasty reviews of the Great Salt Lake, but, let’s face it folks and recollect what the Great Salt Lake is- the 2nd saltiest lake in the world (only the Dead Sea is saltier). Of course it’s going to be a barren wasteland full of bugs, bad smells, mud and a salty residue on everything…
Being warned (and warned again) of the unpleasantness our adventure would entail- this is what we found as we arrived on Antelope Island. A gorgeous view of expansive water and desert, well-kept covered picnic areas, clean sand, showers and bathrooms. Not too smelly, and a breeze keeping the bugs at bay.

Getting to the water was a bit gross, depending on how you feel about gnats. The sand on the edge of the water was covered with thousands of gnats that moved in waves when you stepped forward. Kind of funny- kind of disgusting. The gnats weren’t really interested in you (they didn’t bite) as long as you kept moving. So into the water we went… very floaty, surreal feeling. You just bob effortlessly near the surface, this picture was taken with both hands on the camera. No need to expend any effort to stay afloat.

Little dude did some serious shrimpin’. Tiny pinkish brine shrimp are all over in the water, easily caught in a water bottle.

We couldn’t head back home, without seeing Saltair and the surrounding area. So we headed west on I-80, past the airport, just as the sun was getting low in the sky. We went for a glimpse of Saltair but found ourselves enjoying the extremely photogenic Temple of the Birds and it’s neighbor- ‘burned-out-train-car’ (for lack of a better name), just to the east. We just couldn’t stop with the pictures. Oh the evening sunlight and colorful graffiti combined for some clever pics.

We weren’t the only ones talking pictures, we counted 3 engagement and 1 bridal photo sessions going on as we wandered about. Here is the rare picture of the train car without any random strangers (oh wait, there is just one…).

Time to head home as the sun set, what an unforgettable day. To see many more pictures of the day- look here.


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