I’m a College Student!!

It’s official, I am a college student. Whoa.


My fantastic mother flew out here with me to help me get all moved in, settle in and party for a couple days. We once again used airbnb, my previous airbnb love was booked out so we decided to branch out and try another place. It was almost as amazing! Located above Ithaca surrounded by a beautiful forested yard, it was perfect! Once again proof that airbnb is absolutely amazing. We were far enough away from town but still close enough for it to be convenient.


How awesome is this art?!


Little Free Library


How cute is this?!?!? We came back one day our hosts sons Cedar (he’s 8) had left me another bowl of legos to make something with. We played legos together for a while, it was adorable. One of the awesome parts of Air bnb!


We stumbled into a pretty cool Eco Village- there were flowers everywhere.



Also in the Eco village- some crazy hanging gourds.


This is what the whole backyard looked like, little bridges, a garden adorable signs pointing out trails and a gorgeous pond. We paid about $55 a night for this.


I got all moved into my room and attended some orientation meetings. But for the most part my lovely mother and I explored Ithaca and shopped for college necessities. Ithaca is a great little town. We ate at Thai Express, Saigon Kitchen, College Town Bagels, and Moosewood (An Ithaca famous restaurant.) All of which I fully recommend! We visited some gorges and drove around Cayuga Heights, an adorable little town on the outskirts of Ithaca.


We pulled over to the side of the road and found this unmarked awesome little waterfall.


This is Buttermilk Falls I believe, also called “The Home Depot” falls because its so close to Home Depot. IMG_3998

Signed up for some awesome classes, Introduction to International Relations, Cultural Anthropology, Banned Books and Censorship, Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition, and Language and Diversity!

IMG_4019Gorgeous sunsets here!


Finally my dorm room all set up!! (Twinkly Lights are a must in any situation.) My roommate is awesome and we get along really well, she is from Boston!

Thanks for the awesome trip and dropping me off Mama love you!


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