Midway Utah

We’ve done it, we’ve moved to Midway just like we’ve always wanted to. We’ve been here about two weeks and love it in this little, no stoplight town located on the back of the Wasatch mountains. Here is the view, looking south, from our front door. Deer Creek Reservoir is covered with misty low clouds, Soldier Hollow Resort is tucked into the hills in the middle of the picture and Mount Timpanogos is the tall mountain on the right. Fall is such a gorgeous time of year in Northern Utah.

Midway is a hotspot of geothermal activity. Craters pock the ground, lots of buildings are built or accented with “pot rock”. The Homestead Resort boasts a hot spring in a crater with about 100° F /37° C water temperature- for soaking, snorkeling or practicing your scuba diving. Zermatt Resort also has hot springs for swimming, the temperature of the water is about 90-96° F /32-35° C.
Then there is this hot spring… right in Midway (at the end of Pine Canyon Road), it is free, used by everyone (even though it’s on private property), now get ready for the crazy part… the water temperature is about 110° F /43° C all of the time. It’s a serious mind-over-matter situation. It takes some stamina to go underwater to your knees, torso, shoulders- but all the way under, swimming laps underwater? It takes a real water lover to get to this level of super hot water enjoyment.
I can’t wait to get in after a day of skiing…

Update: The hot spring at the end of Pine Canyon road has been closed to the public, you’ll have to make a reservation at the Homestead Crater to get into some hot water in Midway now. Unfortunate, but true.

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