One Mile Beach

One of our last beach days was spent at One Mile Beach in Anna Bay, Port Stephens. The surf was flat everywhere else, but on this beach the waves were perfect, tiny kid-style waves. We’ve seen some stormy, choppy surf on this trip, so- we all fell in love- surfing and boogie boarding until the sun went down.
The boards we had were 5’5″ soft boards (borrowed from the RV rental company) and not easy to surf. The kids were all used to at least a 9′ board (what they learned on in California). I was very impressed when they were all able to surf the shorter boards.

We finally picked up a boogie board in Noosa- over halfway through the trip, but then made good use of the fun little “sled”.

M got good at the catching the wave herself, without any push whatsoever.

C started sporting the goggles to keep the salt water from burning his eyes, very effective, he could stay in the water for hours at a time with his eyes covered. He and F would “share” the boogie board…
Method- Steve O would push him into the wave, he would give a little cheer then look back at his feet and kick as hard as he could for the whole ride. He takes his fun very seriously.

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