Robert H. Treman State Park

Decided to go on a hike the other day with some friends, so we headed to the Robert H. Treman State Park! We did a great little 4 mile loop and saw some beautiful forests and waterfalls.

IMG_9950IMG_9924The trail is gorgeous it winds through the forrest.

IMG_9927I love all the stonework!

IMG_9939IMG_9934Tiny flowers!

IMG_9945My roommate Nickolette and I!


IMG_9952IMG_9929IMG_9960Really hope its still going for you guys MC+CH

IMG_9947Overall an awesome hike! If you are ever in Ithaca I would highly recommend it! My mother and I did it in flip-flops the first time, during the summers you can swim at the bottom!

Fall is coming and I am SO excited! Love the changing leaves and trees!

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