Soldier Hollow Resort

We had a young competitor in this weekend’s Junior Olympic meet at Soldier Hollow in Midway UT.  It was our twelve year old son’s first race. After only a few weeks on cross-country skis and practicing with the Devo team, he skied some great races. We are pretty new to this ‘official’ cross-country skiing business. We’ve owned classic skis for years- every year we’d go out once or twice a season and putter about in the forest but I never dreamed there was much more to it than that. There is waxing, proper skiing technique and of course some very humbling aerobic exercise.
I’ve fallen completely in love with skate skiing- a sport I’ve always wanted to try but never actually gotten around to trying before this winter. A lesson or two, a little finesse and you’ve got yourself a superb winter workout.
Soldier Hollow was the sight of the 2002 Winter Olympic Cross Country skiing events.  Leaving us in 2011, with a world class ski area to enjoy. Soldier Hollow also has a Charter School (K-8th grade) on the premises, two of our children attend school here and love it. We love the small class sizes, quality curriculum and that the students get to enjoy skiing with their classmates twice a week in the winter months.
It was a thrill to see kids of all ages and from all over the western United States come to compete in skate and classic events this past weekend. What a enriching family sport that encourages a healthy lifestyle and enjoyment of the great outdoors.

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