Spring Break 2015- New York City

This year for Spring Break, the first year on my own, left me with the decision to go practically anywhere I wanted to go. (Within a college students budget of course.) I decided I might as well take advantage of our close proximity to New York City and make a trip down there! My lovely neighbor Georgia and her mom, Sue, were my adventure buddies!


After counting down the days and barely making it through midterms it was finally time!! Georgia and I took the short line bus from Ithaca to New York City. A rather painless ride overall, only about 4 hours including stops. Makes me want to go into the city much more frequently! It was rather inexpensive too. Maybe I’ll make one more trip before I leave for the summer! IMG_3741

Georgia’s sister works for Hyatt so we were able to get a deal on a hotel room for two nights right by Times Square. Times square is overwhelming to say the least. We decided that once was enough in regards to spending time there, it was still cool to see!


After our two nights in a hotel we transitioned into an Air Bnb on the upper west side. Air Bnb has quickly become one of my absolute favorite things. It is such a clever way to travel that allows you to feel right at home and to meet so many new people. Our host was fantastic and the location was perfect. 


Each Air bnb is so unique and interesting. (When you don’t have your personal photographer- papa- you just have to take lots of mirror pictures.)


Some gorgeous dried flowers.


We were two blocks away from subway as well as West Side Market. One of the most amazing and adorable little 24 hour markets I have ever been to. The fresh squeezed orange juice was to die for!!

Staying in the city for an entire week allowed for lots of wiggle room with plans and what we would be doing each day. There wasn’t too much of schedule at any point during the trip.


Everything relates back to Elf. I’m sure I was driving Georgia crazy quoting it every day. “What out for the yellow ones! They don’t stop!”

One of the first things on the list was to stop by a little gem we found on our previous trip into the city- Oaxaca Taqueria. It was incredible- a real Mexican coke, copious amounts of guacamole and a delicious burrito. Excited is an understatement.


The tacos were just too beautiful all lined up. IMG_3979

We visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the Guggenheim and the MoMA.


I learned that you are not supposed to take pictures from above at the Guggenheim- oops.


Messy hair all the time, I love art museums.

IMG_3893Only smiles and fun with this lovely lady :)


IMG_6174A different view of the art.

IMG_4263“This counts as art? I could make that.” – Georgia Caplen

We made a quick afternoon trip to the High Line park as well as Chelsea Market. Such a fun part of the city! Chelsea Market is incredible. Stopped by The Doughnuttery and bought the cutest mini doughnuts. Wanted to eat about 20 of them but restrained myself to just a couple.

IMG_4002Couldn’t stop thinking of you Maia! You would have loved these.

IMG_4012The sun came out and we were in heaven. The temperatures in Ithaca haven’t risen above freezing all year. Laying in the sun felt spectacular, having absolutely nothing that needs to be done feels great.


Art along the High Line- An old rail road converted into a park.


Some colorful art.

We got really lucky and were able to make it to the top of the Empire State Building right at sunset! It was incredible- the view is absolutely breathtaking.



Only took about a thousand photos from the top. Watching the city go from day to night was amazing!

Had to visit the amazing Washington Square Park! My favorite place from my previous trip. The sun was out and every had followed it. Such an awesome New York Vibe.



I sure am going to miss this lovely lady next year!!

IMG_6156_2He was playing Here Comes the Sun- It was perfect.

IMG_4049A fantastic trip with these lovely ladies!! Can’t wait till we can go on another adventure! IMG_3794

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