Tarahumara and Park City Sailing Association

Finally graduated High school! Time to move onto college.


My amazing parents who have supported me through everything, love you guys so much!!


My best friend in the world! Love you Carina

This summer I was a workaholic. I often got the comment, “You work too much.” or “Why do you work so much?” Yes I did work a lot, around 70-75 hours a week. The answer why I work so much, I’m moving to New York!


I had two fantastic jobs over the summer, both which I loved. I worked at Park City Sailing Association during the day and Tarahumara at night. So I got to sail and teach sailing every day and eat mexican food every night, can’t complain too much about that!






Rhodes 19


420 flipped over


IMG_3479A nice little fleet of Optis


Best Mexican food in the State of Utah


The salsa bar is incredible in itself.


Wore my Costa Rica jersey the day Costa Rica played. (and I was really tan from being at the lake all day.)

Next summer after my first year at college I will be doing the same thing, so put your kids in sailing and come eat at Tarahumara!

IMG_3454The infamous Chaco tan, aka what happens when you wear Chacos 8 hours a day 5 days a week at the lake.


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