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San Pete County

We stopped off at Joe Bennion’s pottery shop, Horseshoe Mountain Pottery in Spring City this week, on our way to pick up our Birch Creek Ranch camper.

Lots of pots to choose from- in the end we picked out a cereal bowl (we tend to be a little hard on those at our house). I wanted a medium-sized mug, for sipping tea, but there were only small and XL ones available (hint there, Country Joe).

I have always been a big fan of this stained glass window in the shop, I don’t know who made it, (friend of the Bennions?) but it intrigues me.

teach your children well

birch creek service ranch (rough cut #1 march 23, 2010) from Solpin Films on Vimeo.

Last summer our 12 year old daughter went to Birch Creek Service Ranch, a camp in San Pete County Utah for making good kids even better. She loved everything about it and heads back this summer, her brother as well (for the boys session). As a parent I cannot say enough about this camp, it is in my experience just as important for kids as traveling the world. For more information about the Birch Creek Service Ranch visit their website here.