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We were in St George last weekend for what turned out to be the rainiest, muddiest soccer tournament ever. When the weather finally cleared up on Sunday afternoon we drove out to Kayenta, a community just outside of St. George, near Ivins, UT for what turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon.
The Coyote Gulch Art Village lies in the heart of the Kayenta community. It’s a enclave of galleries, restaurants, studios and festivals (held on various weekends throughout the year, check their calendar for upcoming events) in a stunning desert setting.
The landscape is magnificent- inspiring to us all to learn a bit more about using native plants and conserving water no matter where and in what climate you live.
Wander the grounds (don’t forget your camera) and view the southwest style architecture and sculpture gardens.
Seed pods on a bare tree.
Springtime is an excellent time to visit, the desert is in bloom and the temperatures are pleasant. I would recommend any season but summer for a visit. Summer temperatures are well above 100 degrees fahrenheit… you just might melt wandering around in that heat.
We visited for the Art in Kayenta festival, (President’s Day Weekend Feb 19 & 20, 2011). There were about 50 vendors outside, and all galleries were open for browsing a fine selection of Southwestern style art and craft.
The surrounding landscape was breathtaking, nestled near the red rock cliffs of Snow Canyon, I could not take my eyes off the view, or stop snapping photos. The cold, rainy weekend in St George meant snow at the elevations just a bit higher. Snow blanketing red rocks and spring greenery beginning to show was a breathtaking sight to see.
A friend’s sharp eye caught a glimple of these waterfalls on the distant cliffs above Kayenta (see the smaller one to the right?). We drove through up through the development, getting a closer look at the homes- all tactfully and environmentally blending into the landscape- to get a better view. We learned from a local that these waterfalls don’t run year round. It was the wet weather and melting snowfall on the cliffs that brought on this amazing view.
Sunset magazine has a great write-up of Kayenta, with all the extras (places to stay and eat, hikes, maps, eco info)- check it out here.