Tortuguero, Limon

I have been staying in Costa Rica with an exchange program, AFS. They organize trips you can pay to go on. They have trips all over Costa Rica. I recently went to one in Tortuguero, Limon Province. These trips are great to spend time with the other exchange students and see how their experiences are going. I love hearing all of the other students stories, and it’s amazing how different each experience is even though we are all in Costa Rica to learn about the culture and study spanish.

name tag

Toruguero is on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica in the Limon province. Limon is supposedly very dangerous, especially for tourists. Lots of narcotrafficking. We were also told we wouldn’t be allowed to swim in the ocean because of the dangerous currents, which was a bummer.

The bus ride took several hours from San Jose, until we reached a river where we loaded onto a boat that took us to our hotel. The boat ride took about an hour and half.

happy sloth This little guy was just slowly moving along the power line, he literally smiled right at us! I can now say that I have officially seen a sloth!

yellow river

We saw this river on the way, I’m not exactly sure why it is yellow.

Our resort was really nice. In the middle of the rainforest, right on the river, it was gorgeous.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

resort 2

resort 3

The tables were always perfectly set up before we ate. It was buffet style, like most of the resorts I’ve been too, so I think I gained about a kilo over the weekend.

resort 1


Our hotel was on the river so we had to take a boat to get anywhere.

We did a nice walk through the rainforest. Our guide knew everything about every single plant and animal that we asked about. It was very interesting learning about the Costa Rican rainforest.


We were able to walk along the beach and pick up garbage. Tortuguero is a popular place for turtles to come lay their eggs. It was nice to be able to help clean up the beach for the turtles, and now I can say that I at least touched the Caribbean!


The amount of garbage on the beach was disgusting. The majority of the garbage washes in. It truly disgusted me how humans are polluting the oceans with our trash. The fact that people can simply drop their garbage in the ocean and think nothing more of it makes me incredibly mad.

We were able to walk around the cute little village afterwards.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have an obsession for street art.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy good friend Kalkidan. One of the coolest people I’ve ever met. She lives in California, so I can’t wait to visit her later this summer when were both back in the US. Glad were close enough to be able to see each other!

Over all Tortuguero was a great trip! It rained most of the trip, granted we were in the rainforest.. We were able to learn so much about the nature and wildlife in Tortuguero. Nothing dried all weekend, and we were woken up at 5 am by incredibly loud howler monkeys. All great experiences, that make great stories to tell later! If you ever find your self in the Limon province of Costa Rica, I would recommend stopping by Tortuguero!



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